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TVB presents Trovadores, a music documentary by Ivan Castell.

The Virtual Bridge in collaboration with Laboratorio Audiovisual de Zaragoza, Confetikka and Freeman presents “Trovadores”, a music documentary by Ivan Castell. Check out the teaser!

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  • Un Webinar es un tipo de conferencia, taller o seminario que se transmite por Web. El conferencista se dirige hacia los participantes, sin embargo la característica principal es la interactividad que se da entre los participantes y el conferencista. La habilidad de recibir, dar y discutir información. (A diferencia del Webcast que es una conferencia en la que el conferencista es el que habla y los demás solo escuchan.) Los Webinars se dan en tiempo real, con fecha y horario específico. Se puede participar desde cualquier computadora conectada a Internet y en la que se haya cargado software específico y/o se le haya introducido una clave de acceso que permite la conexión con la aplicación del conferencista.
  • Connecting filmmakers and producers across boundaries. Across geographical boundaries, without leaving your own place. How? By transferring live film pitch sessions to an online interface,using cutting edge technology with high quality video, audio and all the extra tools you need to pitch your project. Creating the virtual bridge, providing you with an efficient option allowing you to meet co-producers anywhere in the world and pitch your film in real-time, live. Reliable, state of the art online collaboration technology is what we use. A simple and effective interface will make you feel comfortable to deliver your pitch. High quality audio and video is standard, showing all participants video in one window -like you where in the same room. . Already have material to show? Show it, and control when your audience can watch it, -in real-time. All you need is a computer with a camera attached and an internet connection. We take care of the rest. The benefits are multiple; traveling is not necessary anymore, -saving time and money. Meet and pitch producers anywhere in the world, no matter where they are based. Helping you crossing boundaries meeting the right people. Welcome to The Virtual Bridge!
  • You’re pitching a movie. Don’t give me that blank look. You’ve already done it. Ever see a movie and then have someone ask you to describe it? That’s movie pitching. What you want to do is achieve the same effect with the producer or exec. You want them to believe that you have already seen a great movie, and you’re just telling them about it. In order to do that, you have to know your entire movie. The whole thing. You need a treatment. You’re not going to show them this treatment. You’re going to use it as the basis for your movie. By writing the treatment, you’re allowing yourself to watch your own movie in your head. Good! You’ve written your treatment, and you’ve watched your movie in your head. Now you need to pitch it. A pitch session is a one-on-one non-public session that is conducted in an open room in a "speed dating" style. You may book one-on-one 10 minute pitching sessions and pitch your project directly to these leading film industry professionals. The Virtual Bridge will help your project become a reality.

Welcome to The VirtualBridge by Atik Media

Building the VirtualBridge for filmmakers and producers in the Andean Countries connecting them with co-producers around the world by organising FilmPitch Webinars.

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