Project Entry

Selection Criteria:

  • The main criteria for selection are the viability and quality of the plans and the demonstrable talent of the directors and/or producers.
  • The projects need to be in development stage.
  • A project should not have been presented at any other market or festival.

 The VirtualBridge is open for film projects:

  • That are feature films with theatrical potential
  • From the Andean Countries: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (including Associate members countries: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile)
  • In development stage
  • Which are new or recent and have not yet made the round of all financiers and other festivals & markets
  • For which there is a potential international market
  • With artistic and other special qualities by demonstrable talented film makers
  • Which have a producer and a director attached, preferably producers or directors who are deemed capable of getting films off the ground.
If you are interested in participating please fill out the form:


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