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TVB presents Trovadores, a music documentary by Ivan Castell.

The Virtual Bridge in collaboration with Laboratorio Audiovisual de Zaragoza, Confetikka and Freeman presents “Trovadores”, a music documentary by Ivan Castell. Check out the teaser!

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ECU 2012

Strong contenders makes judging film submissions for the 2012 European Independent Film Festival a challenging task! If only there was a slot for all 518 films! Check out last years animated short winner Paths of Hate, preselected for the Oscars this year!

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Application Form and Participation

Click to go to the Project Entry page and read our Selection Criteria and what type of Film Projects an take part in our FilmPitch Webinars.

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The Webinar Technology

Connecting filmmakers and producers across boundaries. Across geographical boundaries, without leaving your own place. How? By transferring live film pitch sessions to an online interface,using cutting edge technology with high quality video, audio and all the extra tools you need to pitch your project. Creating the virtual bridge, providing you with an efficient option allowing you to meet co-producers anywhere in the … Continue reading

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The Virtual Bridge

You’re pitching a movie. Don’t give me that blank look. You’ve already done it. Ever see a movie and then have someone ask you to describe it? That’s movie pitching. What you want to do is achieve the same effect with the producer or exec. You want them to believe that you have already seen … Continue reading

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