a FilmPitch Webinar

Pitch your film.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of a panel of 5 leading film industry professionals at the same time. You have 10 minutes to tell your story and talking about your idea, -your film. You sit back and tell your tale, looking straight in the eyes of the producers. The first 5 minutes have past, you talked about your movie, and now answering questions from the producers, while in the meanwhile observing their body language, still looking at each one of them.

The difference? You are still in your own home, -your own chair, your own comfortable environment. The producers? Anywhere in the world, they didn’t travel either. Sitting comfortably in their own chair from their offices in Spain, France or anywhere they might be while you are pitching them.

Atik Media’s FilmPitch Webinar connects you and the producers using Webinar Technology. A proven virtual communication platform with high quality video and audio integrated. You only need a computer and internet access with a quality (web)camera attached. We take care of the technology and that everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on your pitch and the producers, talking to each other as if you where all in the same room.

Sit back in your own environment, your home or office. But most important, meet the people you weren’t able to meet before.

This is what we provide, The Virtual Bridge, with all the tools you need to meet live and pitch your film to the right people.

The FilmPitch Webinar

Atik Media’s  FilmPitchWebinar will take place on Cisco WebEx industry leading technology platform and will be organised and hosted by a webinar expert with experience of producing hundreds of webinars annually.

The FilmPitch Webinars will have full integrated live communication features like integrated high-quality video, audio and the possibility to share or distribute any file, presentation or video to an audience anywhere in the world. All sessions will be recorded allowing people to re-watch the pitch on-demand anytime, anywhere via a secure web link.

During each 60 minutes FilmPitch Webinar a maximum of 5 qualified filmmakers will have the opportunity to pitch their project to a panel of leading film industry professionals.

Each filmmaker will have a 10 minutes time-slot; 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes for a live Q&A with the producer’s panel.

The service includes a private rehearsal session with each filmmaker where we will share best practices and tips about presenting online, and pitching your film.


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